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Saturday, October 8, 2011

a BIG step ... and an introduction

so it's time for us to take another step toward africa.

a BIG step along this journey that God is leading us on.
for awhile now we have been talking, emailing, and skyping with organizations.
there have been countless hours praying
and pressing in and learning more
about all the amazing things He is doing all over the continent.
every group was amazing.
every need real and pressing.
every conversation left us thinking
"wow, this group is doing such amazing things.
their cause, their group is great." 
but within that statement was always the prayer ~

"Lord, show us where You want us to be. 
keep our hearts for the group, the kids, the people that you want us to partner with."

and He did.

there is so much that could be said about the past few months.
so much that went on with us, in us, for us
as we continued to search for where He wanted us to be.

one of the hardest things about this journey
is leaving the relationships here
leaving our family and friends
leaving our church family

but that last one got a little easier for us 
when we met this group
they feel like family
they feel like our church
they feel like an extension of what we are experiencing here
they are 'home'

so the searching is over.  the prayers are answered.  
we have committed ourselves to an amazing organization!!!

so let me introduce you to 

yeah!!  we are so excited!

we will be in northern uganda
just outside the city of gulu
working with the orphans there
living at house of hope
living on site with those precious children
building into them, loving them, caring for them
letting them change us

there are many different parts to favor
from clinics, to radio ministry 
{the kids get to be on the air every week sharing what God is doing!}
to outreach, to huge open air meetings
where miracles abound and lives are given to Jesus

they are dedicated to bringing healing
and the precious light of Jesus
to the people who were terrorized
for 20 years
by the lord's resistance army

and we will lovingly, humbly, thankfully
serve the little ones that live in 
house of hope

more to share as the days go on
but thank you for your prayers, 
your support,
 your love
we treasure them all
they are such a blessing to us as we walk this journey
one step at a time


gianna said...

This is so amazing! I am already trying to figure out how we can get over there to see you (and you haven't even left yet!)

Carol Walsh said...

I hope that you will have your information table up tomorrow..didn't get a chance to see anything last week.

We enjoyed hearing Ben and Carol..
Will you be living in the Sudan?

The Maines Family Blog said...

Amazing!!! Sounds like a perfect fit for your family! Keep us posted on your progress and continued prayers!