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Friday, October 14, 2011

city time

we we so blessed to get to spend time with carole and benjamin while they were here.  we took them to the big city near us.  we got to ride the train which the kids loved.  i think they mostly like it because they can hop between seats and had so many different laps to choose from this time.  and right about the time they were done with the ride we were pulling into our station.  hooray for that!!

we didn't have major plans.  we just walked around the city.  went to the parks. played with the sculptures there and laughed and had fun at all the silly images we saw and created. .

we played near the fountains.  because there is always something magical about water.  watching it flow and move and ripple.  watching it glide by.  inviting and calming and life-giving.  there is something about water that draws you in ~ especially when you are little.  there is such a reason that Jesus is referred to as living water.  He draws you in, He calms, He gives life, children are so open to Him, drawn to Him, relish in Him. He is the water we all so desperately need ~ no matter where you live.

we got popcorn and nibbled and window shopped along way.  we looked at the river.  we saw the tall buildings.  it was surreal to be there and to think that hopefully soon we will be on the other side of the world.  with things so different and yet really, at the heart of it.  the people just the same.  loving their family and friends.  providing for them in the best ways they can.  because really we are all so much more alike then we really realize.

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