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Friday, October 28, 2011


such a sweet little kiss from the Lord today.  had to work. but at the end of the day i had a few little visitors.  

the kids arrived all dressed in their costumes.  so a little lion, a clown, a red dragon and a christmas princess {not sure where her little red riding hood costume went but have dress will be a princess!} came to visit me at work.  it was so fun.  they were headed downtown to do a little trick-or-treating.

and then the sweetness continued as my last patient never arrived and i was able to walk out the door shortly after they left.  hooray!  i was able to catch up to them and off we went as a family.

the stores downtown pass out candy in the early evening toward the end of their business day. it's well before it gets dark so the costumes are mostly sweet and whimsical.  there are families together laughing, talking, experiencing life together.  we have done this in other towns but this time was so sweet and so nice.  this downtown is smaller.  there are people but there are not crowds.  everyone smiled and held doors open for others and complimented costumes and noticed manners.  it was simple and sweet and small town.  it was wonderful.

the older kids had a great time and were on the ready with a "trick-or-treat" and an equally quick "thank you".  ethan caught on quick that if he put his candy in the bag and started signing please some sweet lady would smile, tell him how adorable he looked and hand him another piece of candy.  he clung to that piece of candy until we came near to the next spot then he would quickly call for his bag, drop in the candy and start again.  each time his grin was huge and he seemed pleasantly amazed that these people kept handing him candy.

we are not big on halloween at our house.  we love fall.  we celebrate the change of season and all things harvest.  we don't do scary.  we don't do dark.  but we indulge in dressing up.  in getting to be whatever you want to be.  in getting to let your imagination run wild.  in dreaming.  because those are things God wants us to do.  dream big.  let your imagination run wild.  shake off the limitations of the world and dare to do something "out of the box".  are you dreaming?  is it big?  is it out of the box?  He's totally okay with it.  i promise you ~ you cannot out dream God.  nothing is too big for Him.  He's ready.  are you?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Your family is just SO beautiful!

gianna said...

Maya was little Red Riding Hood! It's too bad you weren't sure what happened to Mia's costume! That is way too funny!