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Saturday, October 15, 2011

pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins

it's been unseasonally warm here lately.  we have truly been enjoying this indian summer.  the kids are having a blast enjoying every minute outside.  we took full advantage of this weather and headed to the pumpkin patch a little while ago.  i have to be honest it was a little odd to be picking out pumpkins in such warm weather but it was also kind of nice. we were able to go with friends which made the trip all the sweeter.

the kids always have such a good time playing on all the wooden things they have there ~ from trains to tractors to a hollowed out school bus to play in.  they also have a child size corn maze which the kids love, love, love.

ethan was a ham with the pumpkins.  he went right to them, sat down and started smiling at me saying "sees, sees" {aka cheese, cheese}oh the cuteness.  i seriously took way to many pictures of him.

they were super sweet and even let me take a few pictures of them all together.  it was so fun to watch them all get together and squish in and look in different directions and grin and giggle and say cheese at different times.  it's our life.  it's the way it really is.

 the girls had lots of fun leading the littler ones, examining all the pumkins, holding hands and doing their own thing.  the boys of course just had a great time running, jumping, and practicing all their super hero, save the world stunts.  the little ones laughed and giggled and loved getting to climb on anything and everything.  it was a great day.  oh fall how fun you are.  oh little ones how much i love you. oh really how blessed we are.

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