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Saturday, November 26, 2011


someday soon i will leave here.  i will pack my little ones and hold my husband's hand and we will board a plane for a country far away.  a place that has been calling to us from across an ocean.  to be with little treasures who have been praying and fasting for us to come.  i will leave what i know, what i am comfortable with and i will go.  i will sell what i own and leave extended family and lifelong friends.  i will walk with my children, hand-in-hand with my husband across the red dirt and into our new home.  and we will open our lives to the things He has to teach us through the precious children who think we are there to give to them.  but you see i know better.  i have glimpsed the things He will teach us through them. of the way He will knit our family closer together because we were willing to share it with those who lost theirs. of the way they will change me and mold me and turn me toward Him.  and my simple prayer is that i can give them half of what they have already given me.

someday soon i will leave; across an ocean;  across two continents; along a red dirt road; to the place He prepared for me before He knit me together in my mother's womb; a place He prepared for my husband and my children; a place to call home; a place of blessing. it will not always be pretty.  it will not always be easy.  it will not always be comfortable.  it will not always be what we imagine.  but it will be what He intended for our family.  what He intended for our children.  and that is where i want to be ~ right where He intended me to be.

someday soon i will leave.  i will step over the last of my worries, my doubts, my hesitations and bring with me my hopes, my dreams, my heart.  i will watch as He molds me and my husband and my children.  watch as He provides and teaches and draws us closer.  watch as children from a world away teach me things ~ about life and God and myself.

someday soon i will leave.  but today is not that day.  and so today i will focus on the things before me.  today i will treasure what is here.  today i will learn the lessons He has for me now.  today i will be ~ because today is just as great a gift as my someday.

Friday, November 25, 2011

oh christmas tree

it's our tradition.  it's the day after thanksgiving.  the leftovers are still in the fridge.  the family gathers again.  this time we trade our snuggly blankets and indoor laughter for warm coats and hats and winter boots and outside fun.  we pile into cars {usually with cousins switching cars and families all jumbled up}and turn on the christmas music and head off to find the tree.

this year was smaller.  we were missing family.  they were recovering from surgery, getting very ready to add a new little niece to the family, studying abroad this year for school.  we had a smaller group.  but the tradition continued as we pulled in and giggled and unloaded.  we went to find santa and tell him our little heart's desires {once we were confident enough to sit on his lap}. 
then it was off to find the horse drawn wagon that would lead us out to all the beautiful trees.  we sat on the hay and listened to the sleigh bells.  we rejoiced that we had wonderful weather and it wasn't too cold.  we snuggled on the hay bales and looked at all the baby trees. 

we walked through rows of trees looking for the right one.  then we found it and we took turns cutting it down.  everyone shared.  everyone took turns.  we all pulled the cart with the tree on it.  it was amazing how strong everyone was!

it's honestly one of my most favorite traditions.  there is just something magical about every part of it. how grateful i am for these everyday moments.  these simple traditions that speak of family and togetherness and love.  what traditions do you have that you love?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

many thanks

so thankful for all that God has done for us, for all that he is doing for us and for His amazing presence in our lives.  the kids are all in bed tonight after a day of thanks.  a day of family. of food. of realizing our blessing. of laughter and games and cuddles and snuggles.  it's quiet now and i think that it is in the quiet that i realize anew how blessed, how grateful, how thankful i am for all the things in my life.
for family

for little ones
so today we celebrate all the amazing things in our life.  we focus on what we have {not what we still want}.  what we have stocked in our cabinets {to eat on a whim}.  what we have to snuggle into when it's cold {and that we have several choices}.  what a home means {no matter the size or the situation}.  how healthy we are {despite little coughs or teething fevers}.  how many friends we have, how close we are to our family, how blessed we truly are to be in this country.  and each of these perfect gifts comes from our Father.  and the fact that we are in His family, well, that's the greatest gift of all.