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Friday, November 25, 2011

oh christmas tree

it's our tradition.  it's the day after thanksgiving.  the leftovers are still in the fridge.  the family gathers again.  this time we trade our snuggly blankets and indoor laughter for warm coats and hats and winter boots and outside fun.  we pile into cars {usually with cousins switching cars and families all jumbled up}and turn on the christmas music and head off to find the tree.

this year was smaller.  we were missing family.  they were recovering from surgery, getting very ready to add a new little niece to the family, studying abroad this year for school.  we had a smaller group.  but the tradition continued as we pulled in and giggled and unloaded.  we went to find santa and tell him our little heart's desires {once we were confident enough to sit on his lap}. 
then it was off to find the horse drawn wagon that would lead us out to all the beautiful trees.  we sat on the hay and listened to the sleigh bells.  we rejoiced that we had wonderful weather and it wasn't too cold.  we snuggled on the hay bales and looked at all the baby trees. 

we walked through rows of trees looking for the right one.  then we found it and we took turns cutting it down.  everyone shared.  everyone took turns.  we all pulled the cart with the tree on it.  it was amazing how strong everyone was!

it's honestly one of my most favorite traditions.  there is just something magical about every part of it. how grateful i am for these everyday moments.  these simple traditions that speak of family and togetherness and love.  what traditions do you have that you love?

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh so fun. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you!