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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

dear santa

letters to santa tonight is the vote
lights on the tree and jammies on
advent calendar read and new ornament on the tree

we talk tonight of Jesus
His birthday is soon ~ it is why we celebrate
but what does the little baby get?
the world talks of gifts ~of the things that make Christmas
what does the baby in the manger get?

so we talk
Jesus is with the poor, the orphaned, the widowed
with the struggling, the hurting 
what do they get?

so we hand out ministry catalogs
and their little eyes glimmer and shine

and silly mommy worries ~ will they understand?
will they want to do this?
will they be okay with a smaller Christmas to give to others?
silly mommy worries vanish
they pick out rabbits and ducks
clean water and building supplies
a Bible {of course they need this mama!}
blankets and fruit trees and seeds
fishing classes so others can feed their families
and countless other things

and we love as a family
and my letter to Santa is already fulfilled

then it's on to pencils, paper, wishes for us
we sit to write of the things we think might be fun
and she turns to look at me 
"mom, this is hard. we have what we need."
and my heart overflows
"yes, sugar love, yes we do."

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