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Monday, December 19, 2011

sweet surprise

a sweet surprise. a kiss from the Lord.  a blessing from our friends and church family.  we walked into church to find a table all decorated with tree and beautifully cut out, decorated ornaments in two shapes ~ one a plane, one a house.  and a framed message about our plans with a heart felt request.  ornaments for sale ~ any price.  choose a plane and please pray for the Lord to make a way for travel plans.  choose a house and please pray for a new home, its furnishing and provision.  and i was undone.  simple God breathed idea. and people stopped.  and chose. and blessings and prayers were written and hung on a tree.  and the total for a day left me amazed at my God and blessed by my friends. 

and then a second sunday arrived and more people came and ornaments continued to decorate a simple tree.  they continued to come off the table.  continued to represent prayers and support and love.  generosity flowed and mixed with love as Heaven opened above our little family and God poured out His blessings.  and through simple, beautiful paper ornaments He spoke to my heart as i read the prayers and the blessings and felt the love and support. oh my heart.  sweet simple tears as He spoke.

of reassurance.  of His commitment to our family.  of His presence.  of the certainty of His plans for us and His provision in the process.  of the love that people have in them.  the love He placed in them that is just waiting to be poured out.  of how He loves us and how He loves the orphaned children across the world.  of how He will bring us together in His perfect way, with His perfect plan, in His perfect timing.  oh how He loves us, loves us all!