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Sunday, January 1, 2012

have you seen...

i've seen this weekend.  i've seen Him all around me.  in little moments.  in simple acts that would have gone unnoticed.  have you seen?

i saw Him. i sat in church and i watched as members long away returned.  watched as they sat down in an empty place.  as they stood to worship.  watched as families who have prayed, who have maintained the connection despite the distance, who love slowly heard His voice and realized the long gone presence.  and slowly they moved from their seats, surrounded those long gone.  hugs, handshakes and a simple return to worship.  watched as God poured out His love and welcomed the prodigals home in simple gestures.

i saw Him.  i saw Him call His people to arms.  watched with already tear stained cheeks as an entire church family encircled a family believing for a miracle for their son.  watched as the prayers, declarations and expectations of God's mountain moving miracle went out.  watched as this mama locked eyes with her son amid the prayers.  watched the bond between the two of them breath of love and connection and home.  watched as she spoke into him life and destiny and love and peace and the miracle the grown-ups around him believed for.  and felt my heart nearly explode from the love and faith and presence of the Lord.

i saw Him.  as my youngest screamed in frustration at me and pointed.  as i lifted him up again realizing where he was pointing.  and in my tired arms he felt heavy.  and we went over to see.  countless times we had already done this.  countless times i had already lifted him up.  countless times we had talked over and looked at each little piece.  but we went again.  over we went to the nativity set.  and we looked and we saw.  as he yelled in his frustration for lack of words.  as he begged to see "gee-gee" {aka Jesus} one more time.  to point to and have each piece named ~ wiseman, ox, shephard, goat, sheep, angel, mary, joseph, star, camel, baby Jesus.  and as we did this countless times i thought of this post and thought of His presence.  and i saw.  a simple desire to see more of Him.

i saw Him.  as we sat for breakfast.  a treat for our family to all go out for breakfast.  bagels and warm gooey cinnamon rolls and laughter and talking.  and a gentleman stops.  and his wrinkled face leans in close to ethan and he comments.  and he smiles.  and we all share a moment.  and he ruffles baby hair and gets his coffee and returns to his table.  and soon a few minutes later another member of his table rises.  and comes over.  and stops. and comments.  we have spoken to every member of their table in turn by the time we leave to continue our surprise ride.  and in their eyes i see Him.  see Him looking to see if we will take some time for Him.  say a kind word to Him.  and i wonder what is it that they see?  what draws them over?

i have seen Him.  i am blessed.  have you seen?  He is there, around you, loving you.  i have seen.

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