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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

snow day

weird weather here.  i mean weird.  it's winter.  usually it's cold and snowing and it stays that way for awhile.  but this winter has been totally different.  it's been unusually warm.  then over the weekend it snowed.  i mean it s.n.o.w.e.d.  lots of it.  all white and soft and perfect for playing outside.  the first really good snow we have had this year {even though we are already halfway through january!}.  and so the outdoors began to beckon us as the snow drifted down through the evening sky.
the whole family

away zooms asher
go eli go
so when we woke up to the beautiful blanket of white {and nice clear roads} we grabbed the sleds and my dad and headed out to go sledding.  it just made me think of all those norman rockwell, childhood memory kind of moments.  the kids all bundled up until only their eyes are sticking out.  rosy little cheeks from the cold.  mittens and gloves and snowpants and boots.  and giggles and smiles and crisp white snow everywhere.
papa, ethan {hiding in the middle} & asher
pushes from papa
and down the hill they went.  solely or in pairs or in any combination they could come up with.  up they would come dragging sled behind.  only to quickly zoom down again.  who could go the farthest, the fastest, the longest?  and ethan even went down ... a few times.  then he was all about being in arms and then being warmer in the van.  so we watched his siblings zoom down the hill again and again until it was simply time to eat and warm up.  to pile back into the van and blast the heat and head to mana and papa's for hot chocolate with marshmallows.
love how they love each other ... and how little they look

bye for now

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The Maines Family Blog said...

Oh my goodness....what a wonderful family snow day! We are still waiting for snow like that here in Indy!!!