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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

all the littles

oh the fun we are having with extra little kiddos.   yes, it's busy.  yes it's active.  yes, we love it!  the only bummer is that i still have to go to work and this week i have a few extra training sessions for work.  not sure they are missing me though.  pete is keeping them all perfectly happy and pleasantly busy.  they had an outing and went walking/playing/running at a local walking trail ~ one of our favorite places to roam.  and with such a mild winter going on it's the perfect outdoor adventure.

just look at all these cute little faces.  so much fun running and exploring the boardwalks.  it's always amazing to me how they can run the same trails and still see new things and feel like they are on a new adventure every time.  such sweet innocence and adventure.  pretty sure there's a lesson in there for me too.

love the cold little noses and rosy little cheeks.  all perfect for kisses and snuggles.  didn't get to be there when they first got home but was still ready to kiss all those little noses and sweet little cheeks.  and let me tell you with six kids there are lots of little cheeks to kiss.  and the giggles and running and laughter are pretty fun too.

i am so very blessed to have such a great husband who is so amazing with kids.  he is the personification of patience.  oh, i learn so much.  and he is always so creative with ideas.  oh, i am so blessed and so in love with him.  lucky me.

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